01/15 Brigitte woman

Myanmar Burma

Pik As – 100 Years

gold 08/13

gregor international calendar award 2014

Lufthansa exclusive 05/13

Isle of Mull, Scotland

29.11.2012 Süddeutsche Zeitung mare book ICELAND

Hinter dem Nebel

by Birgit Lutz

19.09. - 31.10.2012 Iceland Exhibition

Heike Ollertz & Edgar Herbst
Haus Commeter, Hamburg

Lufthansa Magazin 02/12

The Aeolian Islands

Lunfthansa Magazin 09/11


Hallgrimur Helgason shows his hometown Reykjavik

a portrait

Geo Special August 2011

a Geo Special Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Lufthansa exclusive January 2011

Digital Bomemian, Freelancer, Meconomy

National Geographic Deutschland January 2011

In conversation with the social psychologist Harald Welzer. A Portrait.

Lufthansa magazin January 2011

Aviation Lufthansa Technik
Anything men can do… Wanted: Woman technicians and aircraft mechanics

Every year, the maintenance and repair company trains young women for a technical career, but there are still fewer woman on the job than men. This is partly due to old prejudices that the Lufthansa Group is trying to dispel.

Werte, December 2010

German Art Collectors

stern Nr. 27, 01.07.2010 Die Ostsee / stern Nr. 28, 8.7.2010 Die Nordsee

The german coastlines – a project of the agency Focus and the photographers Heiner Müller-Elsner, Thomas Hegenbart, Christian Irrgang, Axel Martens and Heike Ollertz.

Lufthansa magazine July 2010

Cover Story Apulia: cooking course in Italy

mare No. 80 June/July 2010

The Olsen Gang – a Norwegian shipowner clan has lasted for over 100 years on the island of La Gomera. Now, the people want to decide their own future.

klubfoto, 06. - 27. Juni 2010

Photo Exhibition at the “Cap San Diego” in the port of Hamburg – 89 photographers have been on the road, to tell their thoughts about being on the road in pictures.

Geo Saison Mai 2010

Cover Story Mallorca – Palma- Sa Gerreria, Torrent de Pareis, Tramuntana, La Platja

Geo Saison March 2010

High Tatra Mountains – a journey to Europe’s smallest mountain range. Beer, dumplings, tinned tomatoes, chest freezers, timber: as nature-conscious Slovakian sherpas carry everything that trekkers could possibly need up to the huts, the Tatra mountains in the north of Slovakia remain an untamed, alpine mosaic of cornets, towers and jagged edges – unspoilt, uninhabited and peaceful.

Lufthansa exclusive March 2010

Isabel Kreitz, one of the most prominent German comic artists and an important representative of the graphic novel. A portrait.

Geo Saison February 2010

Through Spree and ice…when its rivers and canals freeze over, the Spree forest is transformed into a thousand-kilometre-long ice rink. The river landscape is reminiscent of the inside of a snow globe.

Geo-Saison January 2010

Egypt Coverstory
A Travelreportage in the south of Sinai

Stern Gesund leben January 2010

To the capital city on foot. A walk from Hamburg to Berlin.

mare No. 75 August/September 2009

Politics: Dream hotel and eavesdropping hub of the Stasi –The “Neptun” in Warnemünde.

Gallery Hilaneh von Kories 05-09 Review

Exhibition 17th June to 6. August 2009

Wednesday, 17th June 2009, 7 pm

Galerie Hilaneh von Kories
Stresemannstrasse 384a
22761 Hamburg

Overbeck-Gesellschaft Kunstverein Lübeck

5 July – 16 August
“The family takes a backseat”.
Photography, video, installation;
Group exhibition.


mare No.73, April/Mai 2009

Ironmongers. The holes in the shelves date back to the bombardments and the counter has survived the storm floods. Hamburg harbour suppliers Wilhelm Kelle are just as indestructible as their goods. A portrait.

new website 17.04.2009