Special GDR buildings, Berlin-Mitte.Ahornblatt, Leipziger Strasse, Berlin MitteStaatsrat, Kino International, Café MoskauThe rooms of the 1st Central Committee of the GDR and the former Leninist-Marxist Institute, Mollstrasse Berlin-MitteStaatsratsgebäude, SchlossplatzView out of the the Palace of the Republic to the television tower at AlexanderplatzPalast der RepublikPdR, SchlossplatzPdR, SchlossplatzPalast der RepublikSpecial GDR buildings, Berlin-Mitte. A photographic stock-check of this characteristic architecture and town planning, which is in danger of being driven out of existence. At the same time, the images of the buildings, their interiors and political murals also reflect a coming-to-terms with architectural aspects of the GDR during the post-reunification era.