Yellow house in a winter storm, south west, Iceland. Island Bildband, mare Verlag ISBN 978-3-86648-023-0 Svartsengi Power Station, geothermal energy source for the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.Abandoned car in a snow drift, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.Winter storm over Seltjarnarnes and Faxaflói Bay, Reykjavik, Iceland.Graffiti along Iceland's Ring Road Rte.1, Kollafjordur.1989 red Cadillac Coupe De Ville, Reykjavik harbor, Iceland.A winter storm looms above a fisherman's shack, Reykjavik, south west Iceland.A winter day in gentrified Reykjavik harbor, Iceland.Whalers moored by the main wharf, Aegisgardur, Reykjavik old harbor, south west Iceland.Winter night, Reykjavik harbor, Iceland.Industrial warehouse under a stormy winter night, Reykjavik harbor, Iceland.Litla Avik weather station, Strandavegur 643, Westfjords, north west Iceland.Faxaflói Bay oil tanks, Reykjavik harbor, Iceland.Icy road to Thingvellir, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Iceland.A drifting iceberg at dawn, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland.Hverarönd geothermal mudpool, Namafjall, Myvatn region, north Iceland.Geothermal steam spews from the hot mud spring solfataras of Gunnuhver, Reyjanes Peninsula, south west Iceland.An iceberg on the lava beach near Jokulsarlon, Iceland."HERE" on a rooftop, Breidalsvik, east fjords, East Iceland.The Blue Lagoon Svartsengi Power Station, Grindavik, Iceland.Goðafoss, waterfall of the gods, on a foggy summer night. Myvatn region, north Iceland. Laundry drying, Borgarfjordur East, East fjords Iceland.Tectonic plate movement opens the earth in Dyradalur, Nesjavallaleid route 435, south west Iceland.Driving safety advisory, Ring Road Route 1, Reykjavik, south west Iceland.Dog graves on Westman Islands, south coast Iceland. Eyjafjallajokull in the distance.The Dyrholaey basalt coastline erodes into the black lava beaches of Reynisfjara, South Iceland.Abandoned herring factory, Djupavik, Reyjarfjordur, Westfjords, north west Iceland.Abandoned ship, Djupavik, Westfjords, north west Iceland.Coastline, Borgarfjordur East, Bakkagerdi, East fjords Iceland.Aurora Borealis and icebergs, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Vatnajokull National Park, south east Iceland.